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YRP Event Safety Checklist 
COVID-19 Safety Protocol Recommendations as of January 1st, 2021

  •  Implement an event check-in (recommend electronically through the Eventbrite app to limit contact):

    • Keep a headcount and limit the number of attendees per CDC and venue guidelines

    • Ensure each attendee has clicked the event registration check box, confirming they have agreed to the COVID-19 Release of Liability Statement

    • Provide a temperature check at event check-in 

  •  Attendees must wear a mask at the event, and monitor throughout the event

  •   Attendees must adhere to social distancing requests of the CDC and venue, and monitor throughout the event

  •  Provide drink tickets to limit alcoholic consumption (recommend electronically to limit contact)

  •   Understand and have an action plan to adhere to any other safety requests required by the following:

    • Specific venue/restaurant 

    • State and local jurisdiction

  •   All safety protocols are required to be communicated through the event invite communications prior to the event (emails, LinkedIn, etc.) 

YRP is NOT encouraging in-person events at this time and local chapters MUST notify National Leadership directly before booking an event to get approval to hold the event, which will be on a case-by-case approval basis, as we are moving forward with the stance that all YRP in-person events are cancelled until re-evaluated in April 2021. 

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